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    Tchernov Audio Classic XS SC
    Tchernov Audio Classic XS SC

Developed to provide the perfect partner to the Classic XS MkII IC and distinguished by three patented technologies, the Classic XS SC stands apart from the rest of the Classic family and bridges the gap to the higher Reference range.

The unique Cable-Core (Patent RU No.124834U) comprises huge 2 x 4.00 mm² (77 x 0.26 mm) multi-stranded BRC conductors, twisted symmetrically with 2 filling cotton cords and tightened together with a SDB (a 2-layer bi-directional X-Cross PE tape) by means of FTDA technology.

Each conductor is insulated by SATI (PE-PTFE-SPE, Patent RU No.124833U), a combination of 2X-Cross PE tape, PTFE (Teflon®) tape and solid PE. X-Shield (Patent RU No.124837U) with its multi-element interactive sandwich construction ensures effective EMI protection while retaining impressive flexibility.

An integral multi-stranded BRC drain wire reduces the contact noise in the shield structure and provides constant shield impedance at the lowest levels.

Jacketed by antistatic SPVC, this is available in standard terminated lengths covered by a nylon protective sleeve and fitted with the new stylish Classic V2 Banana & Spade connectors made of 5 µ gold plated beryllium copper.

Classic XS SC

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